Date: July 4, 2022, Monday
Time: 19:00 CET (13:00 EST, 10:00 PST, 18:00 GMT)
Platform: YouTube or Zoom
Detail of the session: here (It is recommended to read before the first attending)


Full video of the session on July 4, 2022


It is being used in the same way as YouTube, which borders on a webinar.

What is the session like?

The speaker Cico will guide each participant to explore and inquire, and what each participant only needs to do is listen attentively, give full attention to the issues and not get stuck by words by watching the reaction to words.

The session includes a public talk from Cico and a guided meditation. The session is purely improvised and therefore nobody knows the topic including Cico himself until the session is finished.

For more information about the session/talk, please visit (If one is to join for the first time, it is recommended to read it)
Due to the timezone, it might be inconvenient for one to join the live session, one can watch the playback at any time, as long as the mind is in full attention to listen and inquire, it is already in a meditative state.
About Zoom and YouTube, no real difference in attending the session
1. Zoom offers 720P video; YouTube offers 1080P video, both have high-quality audio; but on Zoom, one can turn on the webcam, which is irrelevant to the session, though; YouTube supports playback.
2. Chat is discouraged on both Zoom and YouTube; because chat only brings extra distraction, what one needs to do is listen attentively to inquire and understand. "Unmute" is also disabled on Zoom to keep the Zoom attackers away.
The online session does not allow asking questions, because 1) the whole session is being managed by the speaker Cico, he does not have enough mental energy to respond to the questions, please kindly understand this 2) when one is really in full attention, one sees the pattern and the issues clearly, there is nothing to ask, or else one is easily trapped in one's question, which blocks one from giving full attention.

The session is to guide one to give full attention to the issues, but it is up to one to give attention. One must observe one's own desire to ask, wanting to know – that desire and want are also part of the issues that let the mind lose full attention. 

At this moment, one is nothing; living with that fact, life is free.