Panic is one of the most common mental challenges that human beings face.

When going through panic, it is easy for one to seek immediate solutions, which can be another trap. Making extra mental efforts to control the symptom can aggravate the panic when the efforts do not solve the issues but frustrate the mind.

When panic takes place, can you observe the panic without seeking anything or running away? Just observe completely without employing extra thoughts? One can meditate during these challenging moments. If one is new to meditation, one can try these meditation audio guides.

An Overview of Audio Guides
This page summarizes all the audio guides published on Mindiverse Website. 🎨It is recommended to read what is being said in each post before using the audio guide. The audio guide is auxiliary, and the mind should not merely rely on the guide; diligent observation and reflections are absolutely nec…
Audio guides guide the mind to meditate.
An Overview of Meditation Technique: Breathing Exercise
Meditation techniques are essential to guide the mind to focus properly, especially in this fragmented world that is full of attraction and distraction; but meditation is not a technique.
Introduction to breathing exercise

To solve the panic is to understand panic deeply, see its root cause, and not merely deal with the symptom.

Panic is an outward form of fear; anxiety and worry are, in essence, also fear; to deal with panic is to understand fear –  the psychological fear due to the thought processes.

When the physical life is at risk, there is physical fear. The neural system must take immediate actions to protect life; such fear is normal and healthy. However, when the fear merely takes place psychologically, it is different. Most people live in thoughts; no matter which society one is living in, the mental construct of the society is a product of organised thoughts, which do not point to the physical existence, but merely represent the psychological existence – me, the self, the ego.

The whole society functions on the concept of the ego, and people are conditioned to thoughts regarding the ego as something existent. The ego is merely something conceptual, and it does not exist in actuality, which may shock many people, but is a hard fact.

When the physical danger is gone, the thought about it is also gone, and so is the physical fear. However, in the mental construct of society, the mind is continually conforming to the mental construct, it is a thought process, and thoughts are abiding, which brings the illusive existence of the ego.

The abiding thoughts breed abiding fear. That’s why psychological fear becomes an issue: anxiety, worry, panic, and even anger are all outward forms of psychological fear.  

To clear the psychological fear is to see the emptiness of the thoughts in the mental construct: thoughts are functional to some extent but still illusive and do not point to the actual existence of one. One must discern whether one is actually in danger or it is the trick done by the thoughts that only bring about anxiety and panic. Doing so lets the mind see clearly what is actually taking place in the mind, which is already part of mediation.

Meditation demands one to observe oneself deeply and understand the nature of thoughts in one’s living. This website presents everything about meditation to facilitate observing oneself.

Learning meditation is learning how to observe oneself that brings a real understanding of the living.

Meditation is a rather serious matter and demands diligence from one serious about inquiring into oneself. The benefits of meditation are beyond words and waiting for one to discover for oneself.

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