This is the third audio guide of the "clarity" series – tag the thoughts.

The content of thoughts are so "attractive", aren't they? The content of thoughts is either pleasant or unpleasant, both of which can easily trap the mind into narratives and illusions; this world we are living in is overshadowed by all kinds of illusions and neuroticism. It is absolutely essential to notice the thoughts, which is the awareness, without getting into the content of the thoughts.

If one looks closely, one will find that "notice the thoughts" and "get lost in thoughts" are two states that are incompatible with each other: one denies the other. This audio guides the mind to tag the thoughts – a trick that may help the inexperienced mind to be aware of the thoughts instead of getting lost in thoughts.

However, this technique is auxiliary, compared to the total understanding of the nature of thoughts; without a thorough understanding of thoughts, the technique becomes a kind of control and another trap, which does not help one go far.

As the mind becomes more capable of being aware of the thoughts, this technique will be dropped naturally, one can invent any technique.

Non-attachment to everything, including the technique. 
Tag the thoughts

Meditation Audio Guide: Tag the thoughts (with caption)

What are the audio guides of the clarity series for?

These audio guides are for anyone who is new to meditation and self-inquiry or anyone who would like to review the technique for a deeper understanding. The audio guides are to guide the mind to have a taste of "full attention", which is the key to understanding everything clearly.

This world has been taken over by thoughts, where all kinds of absurdities abound. The mind is trapped in thoughts, which means the mind is in concentration, which is also isolation. Full attention means that the mind is fully aware of everything without being trapped in thoughts; it should have been the normal quality of mind, but civilization, which is a product of thoughts, has imprisoned and conditioned the mind. The mind is totally confused with its endless issues, therefore some technique might be useful to help the isolated mind experience "full attention".

What is the relation between the audio guides and inner exploration? 

Audio guides are not absolutely necessary, they might be helpful to guide the busy and inexperienced mind to come back to full attention, especially when the mind is isolated by the thoughts and reactions.

Please don't be attached to these audio guides; free to use and free not to use. Full attention comes from a total understanding of living and one's diligence in observing and being aware at each moment.

Be aware of your intention behind using the audio guides; don't expect them to bring peace to you, which can be a trap. When you use the audio guides, could you just follow the audio guide, just do without any purpose?

When the mind has a purpose, the mind is no longer free, and attachment can be easily formed.

How to use the audio guides?

People may have different reactions to Cico's voice in the audio guide, it is essential to notice the reaction to the voice. The reaction comes from the accumulated judgments, opinions, tendencies, preferences, which are all thoughts processes. Can one open the heart by being aware of the reactions and letting go of them?
Cico's first language is not English, and he may not use English in the way one expects in one's environment, can one notice the reaction to words that brings the hurdle and obstacle not only in this audio guide but also in daily life?
Having this awareness is already part of meditation.

Feel free to share the audio guides with more people in need, helping them quiet down to observe themselves; all the issues are from within. 
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