This page summarizes all the audio guides published on Mindiverse Website.

It is recommended to read what is being said in each post before using the audio guide. The audio guide is auxiliary, and the mind should not merely rely on the guide; diligent observation and reflections are absolutely necessary; meditation is about how to live daily life moment by moment, not about some specific practice.
Guided Meditation: the first meditation
This is the first audio guide of the “clarity” series – the first meditation. The name “the first meditation” seems to imply that the audio guide is for people who meditate for the first time; actually, it is not so; as long as the mind does not accumulate mental images, the
Guided Meditation: count breath
This is the second audio guide of the “clarity” series – count breath. It is a trick to guide the very busy and inexperienced mind to focus on the breath by counting the breath temporarily until the mind calms down and is able to pay attention to the breath by itself;
Guided Meditation: Tag the Thought
This is the third audio guide of the “clarity” series – tag the thoughts. The content of thoughts are so “attractive”, aren’t they? The content of thoughts is either pleasant or unpleasant, both of which can easily trap the mind into narratives and illusions; this world we are living in is
Guided Meditation: Body Scan
This is the fourth audio guide of the “clarity” series – body scan. This audio guide is guiding one to pay attention to the whole body, the very focus on the physical body brings about the sensation. Focus is total, not fragmentary. When the mind focuses on the chest, for example,
Guided Meditation: Loving-kindness
This is the fifth audio guide of the “clarity” series – body scan. This audio guide is using some verbal tricks to counteract the mind in a grumpy state that is reacting and complaining. 🍀When the mind is seeking verbal positivity, the mind is still depending on words, and the mind
Guided Meditation: Deal with Sensations
This is the sixth audio guide of the “clarity” series – deal with sensations. Life is all about sensations, isn’t it? What one sees, hears, smells, feels and thinks brings about all kinds of sensations, which is the actual life experience. However, “experience” has been degraded to so-called memory,…
Guided Meditation: Feel, not Think about Something
This is the seventh audio guide of the “clarity” series – feel, not think about something. This audio guides the mind to feel, which is in the unknown, not to think about something, which is in the known. This self-centred consciousness activity is endless and full of thoughts; thoughts have permeat…
Guided Meditation: Listen and Look
This is the eighth audio guide of the “clarity” series – Listen and look. Can one listen and look with full attention? For most people, when listening and looking, thoughts are already running, and the mind is concentrating: evaluating, imaging, analyzing, comparing, associating, the mind is funct…

Silent Guide

Audio Guide for Silence
When the mind is busy, the mind is trapped in the reactions to words, images and thoughts, to empty the mind is to act now, that is, to observe all the reactions without judgment, justification or condemnation in full attention; so the mind is able to listen to the sound
No voice, only silence and singing bowl