What is this website for?

This website presents the teachings that point to true meditation in text, audio and video to facilitate anyone seriously inquiring into the self and get clarity about life; this website covers every aspect of the teachings without any commercial elements.
The website is customized based on the open-source code by keeping only the most necessary functions that facilitate sharing the truth and insight without tricking the mind (The vast majority of the websites are full of tricks for self-centred interests and purposes)

What are the teachings about?

The teaching covers every aspect of living, which is in total opposition to the fragmented living – overspecialization and egoism; the content of the teachings covers multiple domains and disciplines, here are some (misleading) labels that may reveal what are the teachings.
Consciousness, nature of mind, cognition, neuron, language, biology, awareness, true meditation, reasoning, logic, psychology, economics, science, religion, philosophy.

The teachings are total, complete and never limited to any specific domain.

What is the relationship between Mindiverse Foundation and Cico?

Mindiverse Foundation is a legal entity in the Netherlands to support the teachings of Cico; Cico is the founder of this foundation and "Cico" and "Mindivese" are both labels; labels create numerous divisions in the consciousness, bringing about all kinds of confusion. Without labels, they are one.

What is the way to keep the initiative running?

It is an open question. This initiative is totally non-profit, and Mindiverse is trying every way to make ends meet to guarantee a basic living so that the energy is saved to keep the initiative going; this initiative needs to flourish upon people's goodness, anyone is welcome to support Mindiverse.

Are there any on-site events? 

The current events are taking place online, which can reach people globally; on-site events are in serious consideration, but this requires extra preparation, like finding the right venues, securing the funds and talking to the right people to let it happen, which may take time in this commerical world. Anyway, efforts are being made now, and anyone is welcome to help it happen.

For more information about the on-site event proposal, please check out https://mindiverse.foundation/on-site/