In Dutch society, millions of people are going through all sorts of mental challenges: loneliness, stress, aggression, depression, addiction, anxiety, anger, burnout and many other issues that cannot be put into words. All of those issues are greatly affecting the quality of living and bringing numerous neurotic behaviours and societal issues.

A very small proportion of the challenges are severe mental illnesses that must need professional and medical treatment, but most of the challenges are left untreated, people are actually struggling with those issues manifesting the fact that most people are not happy in Duch society.

All of those issues actually come from the lack of understanding of oneself: the mind is ignorant of its own activities. For one who is sensitive and concerned about the world, it is not difficult to notice that, in spite of the superficial order outwardly, Dutch society functions in great disorder: utterly egocentric, individualistic and commerical, which brings numerous divisions, conflicts and contradictions. The psychological environment is becoming toxic, and dehumanization is not rare. The mind inevitably suffers in such an environment that actually lacks care and compassion.

This environment is created by the ignorance of everyone living in this society, that is, a disordered living which embodies egoism and individualism brings about such a society, where everyone is suffering.

To end all the life challenges and issues is NOT to seek pleasure in ignorance, but to understand oneself totally to end the egocentric living, which can only be achieved by self-awareness and self-observation.

Mindiverse Foundation is to help people learn how to observe themselves objectively and actually see the issues as they are. In actually seeing and understanding, one is able to end the egocentric way of living by thinking wholly, sanely and adequately, and all the issues can be solved totally.

Mindiverse Foundation is raising funds to organize free meditation sessions and public talks in the Netherlands to offer the atmosphere and environment for attendees to inquire into themselves objectively and adequately. The session is led by Cico, who is also the founder of Mindiverse Foundation. The raised fund is used to pay for the venues and other necessary costs to keep the event accessible to everyone in this money-centred society.

Mindiverse Foundation is purely non-profit and functions totally beyond the commercial environment, it can only thrive on goodness. This fundraising is also to collect the goodness from people who are willing to support and pass on the goodness to more people by organizing free events.

A life in goodness has no issues at all. Only in goodness, can society change totally for the better.

Any amount is appreciated. Thank you.

Extra information about the free physical meditation session plan

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