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Online Meditation Session on May 30 2022
Attend, listen, observe, inquire with full attention and sheerly act, there is no “me” at all.
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This live session (also a public talk) is totally free. It is for anyone who is eager to understand oneself thoroughly for the ultimate clarity of living. In clarity, issues are not. The live session is given by Cico from Amsterdam, the Netherlands for each human being.

This society is in disorder which is manifested by egoism, individualism, commercialism and consumerism; the division between you and me, we and they create numerous contradictions and conflicts in each of us; almost all of the daily issues and mental challenges are related to this; to meditate is to understand oneself totally and objectively, which means one sets aside the self-centred view to observe objectively, where the mind finds clarity.

There are two ways of attending the session: 1. YouTube (on this page) 2. Zoom (get the Zoom link via here)

To attend the session is to give full attention: listen attentively to make sense of what is being said, give full attention to the issues and observe the reaction to words without getting stuck in words.


Attend the Online Session via YouTube


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