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Online Meditation Session on May 30 2022
Attend, listen, observe, inquire with full attention and sheerly act, there is no “me” at all.
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The content of this live meditation session is exactly the same thing that Jiddu Krishnamurti points out. When one is already into Krishnamurti's teaching, one must feel very familiar when attending this online session.

However, this session is NOT interpreting what Krishnamurti says, it is from the direct perception of the speaker Cico, who is the session host and also the founder of Mindiverse.

The session actually continues the teachings in an authentic way after it stopped in 1986 when K passed away. The teachings must be existing now to counteract the disorder.

For more information about Cico, check the link below:

Cico is a total human being, he aims at liberating all human beings that are conditioned to thoughts; it is exactly the same thing Jiddu Krishnamurti did; Cico’s teaching is the continuation of K’s teaching in 21st century.
About Cico and Mindiverse

For more information about the deep connection between Krishnamurti and Cico, check the link below:

Jiddu Krishnamurti
💡Verbal communication has become extremely tricky; when one identifies oneself with Krishnamurti, which is taking place very often and unwittingly, one can easily react to what is being said on this page. Without self-awareness and total freedom from any attachment, verbal communication is a consta…
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There are two ways of attending the session: 1. YouTube (on this page) 2. Zoom (get the Zoom link via here)

To attend the session is to give full attention: listen attentively to make sense of what is being said, give full attention to the issues and observe the reaction to words without getting stuck in words.


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