Listen attentively.

This is the only thing one needs to do to attend the session.

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Listen with full attention; observe the mind without being the observer; see the reaction to words, without getting stuck.


The live meditation session, which is also a public talk, usually takes place weekly via the internet. In each session, the speaker (Cico) is inquiring about the self with each attendee, thinking together, and talking through many issues to see the light instantly. This humble atmosphere requires full attention from everyone participating in the session, including the speaker himself. Full attention means the mind is not occupied by knowledge. The speaker speaks carefully with full attention and attendees listen attentively, therefore everyone is observing and learning without getting stuck in words, only in this way can the communication go beyond the verbal statements and deep understanding come.

With this deep understanding, the mind is clear and sharp; and such a mind is able to come upon the truth of living, wisdom, compassion and more. All of those are pointing to true meditation,  which is not the field of any specific practice or tradition but demands full attention and direct perception.

Here is a video clipped from one of the sessions, about the relation of the session to life, the main point is

The session is not a fragment created by thoughts, it is part of life for one who is seriously living.

And this video also conveys an impression of what the session is like.

To attend the session is to give full attention: listen attentively to make sense of what is being said, give full attention to the issues and observe the reaction to words without getting stuck in words.

Time and Date

7 PM CET, Every Monday (if not specified)

How to attend

This live session currently takes place online via YouTube and Zoom simultaneously, and the playback can be found here. If you would like to attend the live session, you can choose either platform.


It offers very clear video/audio quality and supports watching playback.


The Zoom link is available at each session page.

Via subscription emails, you will receive the event notification and timeless content from Mindiverse. There are no commercial elements at all.

More details about the session

When one is living in thoughts, one is inevitably confused about life and existence, because the thinking activities that involve judging, condemning, excluding, calculating, speculating distort the perception and therefore create confusion about life. The truth of living is all about neurons, not thoughts.

To find out the truth is to understand life totally, one has to see the pattern of thinking, which builds up the self, the ego; this can only be done by observing the mind without a direction or a centre - no judgment, or condemnation, or evaluation.

Only in that observation can one grasp totally how neurons work and deeply understand oneself. And this is the journey of meditation, not methods or paths or tricks. True meditation is a complicated business and requires a subtle and diligent mind to learn and observe.

Unlike other so-called spiritual activities, full of tricks, self-centred stuff, soothing the ego, and all the rest of it, this event is to explore the mind seriously and carefully together with you to understand the nature of mind and get clarity about life, revealing what meditation actually is.

This clarity is the key to all life challenges. Almost all meditation practices fall into the trap of seeking an end, like well-being, self-development or whatever, which actually continues the self-deceptive activities in different ways. When the mind has clarity, peaceful and joyful life is a natural thing.

What is the session like?

The speaker will guide each participant to explore and inquire, and what each participant only needs to do is listen attentively, give full attention to the issues and not get stuck by words by watching the reaction to words. Words are not the thing, one has to observe oneself objectively, which is the way to go beyond words.

For more information, please see the FAQ below.

To attend the session is to give full attention: listen attentively to make sense of what is being said, give full attention to the issues and observe the reaction to words without getting stuck in words.


Is this session a discussion group?

No, it is not. The discussion takes place via verbal interaction, which triggers all kinds of thoughts. When the mind is offering opinions, it is difficult to stay in full attention; the discussion may bring intellectual pleasure, but it is still a product of thoughts, and the mind is in a state of concentration that is in total opposition to full attention. Without full attention, self-inquiry is impossible. This online session is facilitating self-inquiry for deep understanding and clarity, not for the momentary pleasure of discussion.

Truth is not something to discuss, but to come upon in actual living; therefore the session is organized based on truth, to share truth, not for other purposes. 

To attend the session is to give full attention: listen attentively to make sense of what is being said and observe the reaction to words.

Is it possible to ask a question during the session?

It is a tricky thing to ask a question, one must be very careful to observe one's thoughts; if the mind is seeking an answer from the speaker of the session, the question becomes a trap, then the mind is no longer in full attention; if the mind does not seek anything, then the mind can observe and learn, therefore is able to find the answer in the question, understanding the question totally is the answer to the question.

So, in the weekly session, don't expect an answer from the speaker, that expectation actually destroys the full attention. The event is broadcast via complicated technique and setup, Cico is also taking care of them during the session, and in many moments, he could not respond to the questions posed by the attendees due to the limited mental power.

A specific Q&A session will be arranged occasionally. You will receive a further notice via email.

Any difference between Zoom and YouTube?

No, there is no real difference because what attendees only need to do in the session is listen attentively and inquire into the self.

Zoom Meeting software is used in the same way as YouTube; Zoom may have less distraction than YouTube, but generally, they are the same. The typical way of using Zoom is for discussion, but here Zoom is not used in that way.

Out of the concern for security (unknown intruders often patronize the session to make some mischief), "unmute oneself" is disabled, and the chat function is limited. The sophisticated functions of Zoom open a door to attacks, and all those measures are to keep the Zoom session safe.

In terms of technical details, Zoom's video quality is 720P, and YouTube, 1080P; both offer excellent audio quality that can play stereo sound; and YouTube supports playback. 

In both Zoom and YouTube, chat is disabled, because it only adds distraction; and what one only needs to do is listen attentively.

Is there a playback for the session?

Yes, each session has a playback. If one misses the live session or is inconvenient to attend due to the timezone or would like to review it, one can find the playback via the content is timeless, whether it is live or playback does not matter, what matters is one listen attentively and inquire.

Is the session free?

Yes, it is totally free. The whole initiative is totally beyond any commercial environment. The pure content shall not be tainted by egocentric things. It is open to donation, and everyone is welcome to donate. This initiative can only flourish upon goodness.

What is the topic of the next session?

Unlike other events that are purely prepared and scheduled, the weekly online session is totally based on improvisation, the actual daily life is improvised, isn't it? Unfortunately, most people are living a mechanical life, the mental construct which comes from the ideology, culture, tradition is mechanical and a mind trapped in this only follows, imitates and conforms, and therefore could not be free, only a free mind is improvising, which means the mind is not trapped in any patterns.

Nobody knows the topic of the next session, including the speaker Cico himself; it is only possible to know it when one goes through the whole session with full attention; when the mind is in full attention, what is the topic is no longer relevant.

This session is never divorced from daily living, and authentic living is improvised, so is this session. Attend with full attention, without knowing, the mind is already meditating.

What is the difference between the live session and the content on the website?

For one who is serious to inquire and understand, there is no difference, but the live session provides the atmosphere of engaging oneself without being distracted, and the content on the website provides the texts that might be convenient for deep reflection.