The on-site meditation event means the teachings take place in a physical space, where people physically attend the event; the speaker Cico addresses the audience sitting around on a series of topics about life and meditation. The content of the teachings is geared toward the background of the audience, but the purpose is still the same: facilitating one seeing the light and getting clarity, which embodies the essence of meditation.

Meditation is prevalently mistaken as a practice or method to make the mind calm; this misunderstanding comes from a disturbed mind desiring to be undisturbed, and the whole business of mindfulness is based on this desire. Actually, meditation is to have a clear mind that is able to understand oneself totally, and the very total understanding brings a clear mind. Where there is clarity, issues are not. 

Features of the meditation session

  1. The teachings: simple English, no specialized terms, down-to-earth, full of insights
  2. The topics are all-around and multi-disciplinary, from philosophy, cognition, and psychology to consciousness, biology, and science; the talk presents a total understanding that is never limited to any specific domain.
  3. A humble and impersonal environment to inquire and understand as human beings, open to anyone who is serious about understanding regardless of their background
  4. Rich support content from the website like audio guides and articles to help the attendees understand better.
  5. It is totally beyond any commercial environment or incentive; the purpose of this session is goodness.
The teachings are accessible to everyone via the website; it is up to one to be diligent to inquire and reflect and, more importantly, to act upon the findings, or else mere intellectual understanding has no meaning in actuality.

Co-host the on-site session to benefit more people

Mindiverse Foundation is open to collaboration on co-hosting the on-site meditation events to let clarity reach as many people as possible. This collaboration has no commercial purpose but is purely based on goodness for the benefit of human beings.

It is noteworthy that the purpose of this collaboration is to let clarity reach as many people as possible via on-site events, not for any self-centred purpose; this may not be easy for one whose mind is conditioned to this egocentric thinking in this society. This is the real challenge of collaboration for goodness. In goodness, ego is not.
This collaboration, in the name of co-hosting, is beyond any commercial elements; commercialism is full of calculation and measurement, making a burden on the mind; it is naturally devoid of goodness.

This event is general for people who are highly educated or have a good cognitive ability to reason and understand.

To co-host the event with Mindiverse, the organization or individual needs to offer or assist to offer the followings:

  1. Venue: an ample room or auditorium with good lighting whose atmosphere is suitable for this event.
  2. Spread the event via social media, websites or printed materials to let the target audience know about this event.
  3. (Optionally) Drinks or snacks for the audience.

Mindiverse offers:

  1. The event itself: the teachings (talk, dialogue and guided meditation).
  2. Raw texts (and images) for the introduction to the event.

The collaboration is flexible, without involving any self-interest.

About the topics of each session

The topics are all-around, covering every corner of living and multiple disciplines: nature of thoughts, emotions, consciousness, language, ego, cognition, reasoning, logic, humanity, morality, virtue, religion, science, misconduct, war, mental challenges, neurons and more. The purpose of the event is to present this total understanding to the audience and guide the audience to apply the understanding to the actual living.

The content of the talk is improvised based on the suggestions from the audience, the background of the audience and the atmosphere, but the content is always pointing to a total understanding, bringing insights to the audience.

The benefits of the insight are invisible at first sight, but it is actually visible in every corner of life.  

The teachings are not to impart knowledge or theories or philosophies, but to convey a quality of mind that could think without any pattern, sanely and lucidly.

If you are willing to co-host, please send an email to for further details and arrangements.