This page introduces the basic information and current progress of organizing events.

Mindiverse Foundation aims to bring timeless events to more people by offering on-site events in different locations.

The form of the event is public talks and meditation sessions, where the speaker Cico guides the audience to inquire into the self and think deeply and adequately to get clarity about life and existence.

The event is free and open to everyone who is serious about understanding themselves. The intention behind the event is goodness.

Goodness is not an idea that brings pleasure; when the mind is taking pleasure, goodness is not; egocentric living denies goodness totally; in exhibitionism, goodness is not.

The event can only take place in goodness; that's why Mindiverse has been making every effort to reach out to gather resources to support the organization of the event.

However, this utterly selfish, individualistic and commercial environment brings a lot of practical challenges and hurdles to organizing the event. Everything has a price, though many things are underused. The event can easily take place as long as there is a space to use, but many venues charge high, and raising funds for the cost requires extra effort and time. It is a vicious circle that must be broken up by more people's goodness.

Therefore, Mindiverse is looking for any good support to help the event take place and benefit more human beings. After all, goodness is not a one-man business.  

The support is as follows, but not limited to:

  1. Venue
  2. Fund
  3. Spread the event to more people
Email hello@mindiverse.foundation Whatsapp Link (Response can be very slow)
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The link below points to the detailed information about the series of public talks.

Series of Public Talks: Understand Yourself Totally
💡This page introduces the series of public talks “Understand Yourself Totally”; the topics cover every aspect of living – total, down to earth and no-nonsense, the content is actually related to every human being. This series of public talks can take place in different locations, but to make this h…
About the public talks

This link below points to the practical information about co-hosting events with Mindiverse.

On-site meditation event
The on-site meditation event means the teachings take place in a physical space, where people physically attend the event; the speaker Cico is addressing the audience sitting around on a deep topic about living. The content of the teachings is geared toward the background of the audience, but the pu…
About organizing or co-hosting