This (irregular) online silence session is given by Cico to facilitate eager human beings to quieten the mind and deeply understand life and existence.

In silence, the mind can observe; in observation, the mind can be silent.

The online silence session is to facilitate one to calm down, empty, "experience" a deeper level of "silence", hopefully, "cultivate" the genuine interest in understanding oneself completely, which is the "only" way that leads to a natural life fully present.

True meditation is never divorced from life, life is meditation.

"Silence" means that the mind is not chattering, but clear, alive and energetic. The truth is that silence and liveness always go hand in hand, though many people mistake dullness for silence.

Please have a practical expectation of the session: understanding oneself completely demands humility, attention, care, tremendous observation and diligence; the hard work is on each one.

Why is there such a session?

For such a session, there is no purpose at all.

It is out of compassion for each human being for their tremendous suffering due to egocentric living, and this session only facilitates the eager ones to end the ego.

The session is not a closed group or tribe at all but is open to each human being to join anonymously and freely. Humanity is the actual connection.

What is the session like?

This online session takes place in a form of sitting in silence interspersed by Cico's simple teaching. The length varies, from 30 minutes up to 1 hour.

The online session does not allow any form of verbal interaction, expression or discussion, because that state of mind is not silent and can easily cause issues.

It is totally free. (Mindverse accepts donations)


The online session takes place via Zoom. (Microphone and chat are disabled to stop the mind from entering into the verbal state.)

How to join?

Fill in this form to express your eagerness to join, and the organizer will notify you of the online session (including the Zoom link) at least a few hours up to a few days before it starts.

If you can join, join; if not, please regard the notification as a reminder that "the mind needs to take a break and rest by emptying everything".