Mindiverse is counteracting the disordered thinking in each corner of living, including "privacy".

Mindiverse Foundation is not functioning in the commercial domain, it has no interest in collecting the user data in any way.

Anyone is free to subscribe to Mindiverse Newsletter to receive the timeless content and event notification, and inevitably Mindiverse collects the information of email address and name (which is optional), but Mindiverse has no commercial purpose in collecting this information and won't share this with any third party.

It is also essential for one to inquire into the question "why does one identify oneself with a name and email address?", can one free oneself from any attachment?
Privacy is a product of egocentric thinking. things that "go private and personal" are self-centred activities, creating all kinds of records and narratives, which are replayed to perpetuate the consciousness, creating the disorder – "me".

In such living, privacy becomes necessary for the ego, but also out of the concern of privacy, there is fear and uncertainty. This whole commercial world is also based on self-centred consciousness, and there is tremendous interest in exploiting the user's information, and privacy is inevitably a concern.

Mindiverse Foundation is to facilitate human beings thoroughly observing themselves and ending self-centred thinking totally, and privacy is totally unrelated.