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About Tao Te Ching

Tao Te Ching, written by the sage Laozi more than 2400 years ago, is a classic book that cannot be categorized because it is about facts of human consciousness and the nature of the mind, which is total and complete, therefore timeless.

As Laozi says, “Truth depicts nature”; but people all over the world are isolated by their desire, pleasure and ambition, totally disconnected from nature, which brings about misery and conflicts.

Understanding Tao Te Ching facilitates one to understand oneself, get insight into all life challenges and find out how to live a sane and balanced life.

Tao Te Ching is a source of wisdom that nurtures the mind of each human being in a world of chaos and confusion.

What is the session like?

While the speaker Cico is accurately explaining Tao Te Ching and talking over the fundamental problems of human beings in simple English, all participants listen attentively, think together and observe themselves completely in a humble environment. By actually doing this, the mind will get insight into its problems, though the statement is not a promise. What matters is paying full attention, which is the sheer action one needs to take to get the mind out of petty reactions and distractions.

About the speaker

Cico is geographically from China and has lived in Europe for the past decade. He denies nationalities. He lives a selfless life and teaches what he lives to facilitate human beings to understand themselves and get insight into their issues.

He is also a generalist in multiple fields like mathematics, AI, biology, philosophy, cognition, English & Chinese language; he sees clearly that deceptive thoughts are making mischief in every fragmented area and affect human consciousness in every big way. The technological development is obvious, but psychologically, people are still where they were. Technology can improve life but cannot solve fundamental human problems, which result from misplaced thoughts and affect each human being.

He teaches in English and Chinese worlds, and the style is simple, profound, and free of any terms. The teachings are beyond the western and eastern realities, therefore facilitating one to see everything as it is without distortion.

An objective and realistic view of oneself and the world without illusions is the starting point of clarity, insight and compassion.

The speaker and Laozi

Cico lives a selfless life, he lives what he teaches, and he teaches what he lives. Naturally, he has the same perception as Laozi; this perception is not personal. When the ego completely ends, the perception is "restored". He speaks Chinese; therefore, together with this perception, he could accurately present the original meaning of Tao Te Ching in simple English, which is beyond translation.

The session is to facilitate one to have the right perception, which is the key to understanding oneself and the world.

Good to know

This online session is not a discussion group.

To attend the online session, what one needs to do is listen attentively without agreeing or disagreeing.
1. Give full attention, observe, learn
2. Don't agree or disagree; this is not a verbal discussion.

Q&A are arranged in the offline sessions, not the online sessions; the online sessions are streamed on a few platforms, which are not convenient for having a good atmosphere for Q&A. In addition, online sessions are technically complicated, and currently, it is not plausible to arrange Q&A online.

Offline sessions will take place in the middle of 2023, if everything goes alright. They need extra effort: funding, venue, arrangements, communication with numerous petty minds and so on; that's why they don't take place so easily, but everything is in progress.

Laozi, Tao Te Ching, True Meditation, Amsterdam
Tao Te Ching embodies the true meditation and the essence of living.
A detailed introduction to Laozi & Tao Te Ching

The online session also takes place via Zoom, Insight Timer and YouTube.

Next live session & playback of the past sessions

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Next live session & playback of the past sessions

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Cico is a total human being, he aims at liberating all human beings that are conditioned to thoughts; it is exactly the same thing Jiddu Krishnamurti did; Cico’s teaching is the continuation of K’s teaching in 21st century.
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