This page introduces the series of public talks "Understand Yourself Totally"; the topics cover every aspect of living – total, down to earth and no-nonsense; the content is actually related to every human being. This series of public talks can take place in different locations, but to make this happen needs goodness from many people. Mindiverse is working hard on this and welcoming anyone to join with goodness to help the talks take place.
A video that introduces the series of public talks

When one is genuinely concerned about this world and humanity, it is not difficult to see that this world is in great disorder despite the superficial order human beings have created – decency, clean street, and all sorts of outward things.

One may not be willing to recognise the disorder, but the chaos and mess are everywhere, not only politically and economically but also individually.

Politically, there has been ongoing arguments and discussion over all kinds of social issues for years without actually solving anything, only creating more rules and regulations superimposed over the old ones. The whole system becomes bulkier and bulkier, further trapping and burdening the mind.

Economically, the world has become highly commercial. Commercialism and consumerism are the main content of this civilisation, with all kinds of influences and attractions, and “earn, earn, earn” and “buy, buy, buy” become the main activities of living.

Individually, people are utterly individualistic; the whole living is self-centred, the mind merely cares about its own ambition, desire and pleasure, isolated by itself; this self-isolation brings about neuroticism, egoism, all kinds of issues in the relationship and mental challenges, manifested in the political and economic activities. People crave relief from turbulence and chaos, which is another trap commercialism exploits.

This world exists as numerous fragments, each of which contains conflicts, contradictions and unsolvable issues; living in those fragments, one is inevitably confused, and the chaos, the suffering and the disorder are the direct manifestations of this confusion – one does not understand oneself at all.

The mind keeps escaping from the emerging issues into pleasure-seeking activities and verbal positivities, propelled by fear. Without understanding oneself, the mind becomes more and more restless, further enhancing and generating more fragments. Such a vicious circle renders the mind incapable of meeting the issues, putting the world into ultimate crisis.

The world is not somewhere else but me; the world is "me", "me" is the world; the external world is the projection from the inner world. To solve this ultimate crisis is to see this crisis actually. This means that one must understand oneself totally, clearing all the mental fragments so there is no self-deception. Such a mind is clear, sees things as they are and therefore is capable of finding solutions.

The solution lies only in the totality; otherwise, there are only endless issues popping up from each fragment.

In this series of public talks, the speaker, Cico, guides each attendee to inquire into the self and think properly and adequately to see the issues clearly – the very seeing clears the problems, which embodies true meditation.

The talks are both down-to-earth and profound, covering every aspect of living. Topics have multiple disciplines, from human minds, neurons, psychology, and cognition to consciousness, linguistics, and eastern & western realities, presenting a comprehensive understanding of living, which does not exist in any specific domain or fragment.

The talks are not into any theories or philosophies but based on Cico’s direct perception, which is closely related to everyone's actual living. The talks are down to earth and no-nonsense. The talks are in simple English and have no specialised terms.

About Cico

Cico is a human being, living in totality where there is no division, no conflict or contradiction.

Without affecting the totality, a few labels here are to reveal who he does (not who he is): a philosopher of human minds, public speaker and generalist (mathematics, AI, biology, cognition, English & Chinese language, western and eastern realities, human consciousness, meditation). Standing beyond the eastern and western realities, he sees clearly that all human issues are due to a mind that is heavily conditioned to thoughts and knowledge – the known. Such a conditioned mind is self-centred and isolated – narrow, petty, bigoted, selfish, cunning, neurotic and complacent. Unless there is a psychological mutation to bring about a different quality of mind that is no longer self-centred, all problems will continue to exist in various forms, as is happening now.

This psychological mutation is also the human transformation, which requires diligent observation and serious inquiry into the self, necessitating true meditation. The reason to emphasise "true" is because the word "meditation" has been heavily contaminated. Meditation is prevalently misunderstood by the self-centred mind as a method or practice to dull the mind for a false sense of "quietness", which still serves self-interest and continues self-deception.

Via the public talks, Cico points out the issues directly and guides the audience to listen attentively, think properly and adequately to get clarity, facilitating bringing about a new quality of mind, which embodies a new society totally devoid of degeneration, corruption and immorality.

The teachings from the past talks are available on the website https://mindiverse.foundation.

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