The supporting work to share the truth involves many things, from techniques like video shooting and recording to content production like video editing, audio editing; all these things are being carried out by only a few persons voluntarily (out of passion), and the workload is already too much (much more than full time), therefore more hands are in needs to help.

Everyone is welcome to volunteer their energy.

Current Open position

Task: Proofread Transcription (remote)

Description: Correct the errors of the audio transcriptions done by machine, and make the transcriptions into readable texts by adding punctuation, paragraphing and improving the English expression. The proofread timeless content will be published on the website.


  1. One is skilful at language things.
  2. One is familiar with the timeless content, which helps one proofread better.
  3. One is able to finish each self-assigned task in time: each task can last a few hours at most and need to be finished within one week.